A Coastal Walk Worth Running To

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Sydney’s southern beaches, though often masked by world-renowned Bondi Beach, seem to greater express the true beach mentality that most Sydneysiders possess.  Away from all the hustle of famous Bondi, six other water spots add to the expansiveness of Sydney’s beach scene: Maroubra, Coogee, Gordon’s Bay, Clovelly, Bronte, and Tamarama.  And you can walk to all of them.
Starting 10 minutes from where we were staying in Maroubra, the 2 1/2 hour coastal walk provided some of the most breathtaking cliff, beach, bay and ocean views I have ever seen.  This walk struck me as Australia’s version of hiking the famous Cinque Terre in northwestern Italy: jagged rock cliffs and stunning seascapes.  Each turn provided better views than the last and every community had its own distinct vibe.  Although the towns aren’t as quaint as Vernazza or Monterosso, their coasts are definitely rivaled.  
Each stop along the walk has its own personality and type of beachgoer. Maroubra probably has the best surf and one of the lighter crowds. It’s the furthest from Bondi which makes it the least touristed (and probably my favorite). Coogee offers the best swimming beach and has a similar feel to Bondi with its clientele. Gordon’s Bay and Clovelly offer little sand, but are also popular swimming destinations with a number of sunbathers and snorkelers. Bronte and Tamarama are two more beaches not to be missed just a short walk from Bondi. We were amazed (and jealous) about all of these different options afforded to those who live in Sydney. We did the walk in the middle of a weekday and tons of people were out. Whether surfers were catching a midday break or local retailers were coming down for their lunch hour, it was clear to us that they make the most of this idyllic setting.
The walk ends at Bondi Beach, a remarkable stretch of sand just outside Sydney Harbour. Here, tourists and locals, are rewarded with a stunning beach and Sydney’s most attractive people. It’s the beach to see and be seen. Neighboring Bondi Road is filled with enough shops, restaurants and bars to entertain for a long day or even a semester abroad. We spent the afternoon enjoying the many views of Bondi Beach, but were glad to have seen all the others leading up to it. Bondi lived up to its hype, but the coastal walk added to the day and allowed us to truly see Sydney’s beach culture.


  1. So fun to read this one! My old stomping ground… I lived for 6 months in Coogee my junior year abroad. My mouth is salivating for some fresh barramundi and these scones I used to pick up every morning down the main drag. Love the posts, guys. Glad you extended your time in Sydney. Such a vibrant city! Safe journeys ahead to you both. Cheers, mates. Xoxo Emily Hampson

    • Thanks Emily! I’m jealous that you spent so much time there. . .we could definitely live in Sydney!

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