Out of my comfort zone and into a campervan…

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Has it already been nine months since we have returned home from our trip around the world?  Hard to believe that I have been back home in Chicago as long as I was away.  

Time seems to move faster now.  There is less adventure, more routine.  And it gets increasingly difficult to remember details and nuances about the people and places we visited.  But thanks to the fact that Mike and I launched Unearth the World as a business, I still feel a deep connection to the trip.  And when I start to feel the memories slip away, I harness the same energy that we had on our trip into doing fun things back in the states.  I try to look through pictures weekly and read through old blog posts when I am feeling nostalgic … it helps.   

Lazy day in a Chicago park

Lazy day in a Chicago park

Recently, I was able to write an article for Trekity, a daily travel newsletter and website that focuses on female travel.  I wrote about Mike and I’s adventure in New Zealand and how it really set the stage for the life changing journey we went on.  New Zealand pushed us right out of our comfort zones and into an unforgettable campervan experience.  It was so much fun to recall the start of our adventure.  I hope you will enjoy it too….

Out of My Comfort Zone and onto a New Zealand Road Trip


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