What is your mark on the world?

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A very deep question indeed.  A question that keeps some of us up at night yet never crosses the mind of others.  A question that makes me tick and one of the very reasons that Mike and I decided to launch Unearth the World.

I hope it goes without saying that Mike and I are continuously grateful for everything we have been able to do in life so far.  We were raised with unconditional love, received an amazing education, live and work in Chicago, found happiness in our personal relationships, and even travelled the globe!  But these are all ways in which we have taken from the world, not given back to it.  Our time traveling last year really taught us about how important it is that we leave a positive mark on the world in some way…

What is our mark on the world?

What is our mark on the world?

I was absolutely ecstatic when Devin Thorpe, founder of the Your Mark on the World Center, and a champion of social good, asked me to talk about Unearth the World in one of his Google Hangout interviews. Devin writes about, advocates for and advises those who are doing good and I was honored to tell him about how Unearth the World hopes to positively influence others and markedly change the voluntourism industry for the better.  

I hope you will view the full interview here:  Your Mark On the World: Unearth the World



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