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It is an understatement to say that Greece has fallen on hard times. The economic crisis has left it’s traces all over the streets, but the Greeks are doing the best they can to struggle their way out of it. The government may seem corrupt and untrustworthy, but it’s people are a very deep-rooted and family-oriented bunch. We saw closed storefronts, run-down buildings, demonstrations and riot police in Athens. Quiet streets, empty-restaurants and unoccupied beaches on the islands. But none of that seemed to deter the locals from being outwardly generous, hospitable and friendly.  We felt an immediate connection to those we met and can only hope their return to the better comes as soon as possible.


Name: Dimitris

Age: 36

Occupation: Boston Scientific Endoscopy Sales Rep

Hometown: Athens, Greece










Athens afforded us an opportuntity to spend time with another former Boston Scientific counterpart, Dimitris. I trained with Dimitris in Boston in 2011 and contacted him (2 1/2 years later) to grab drinks when I knew we would be in his hometown of Athens. It was great to see an old friend and discuss all things Athens and Greece, in addition to our normal friendly banter about life and the job. Dimitris filled us in on what was true and false regarding the media’s portrayal of Athens and it’s people. We could sense the severity of the situation in how he spoke. He believes that it may be a considerable amount of time before the country climbs out of it’s recession. And he hopes they can do so without significant civil unrest. Some of his lifelong, successful friends have ended up in tears, out of work. A few acquaintances have even been forced to leave the country to look for work elswhere.

But among all the stress and uncertainty, Kat and I felt that the traditional personality and attitude of Dimitris and other Greeks still shines through. They’re always smiling, welcoming you with open arms, and wanting to treat you like family.


What three words best describe the people of Greece?

1. Friendly

2. Original

3. Not even close to what the international media/politicians are implying due to economic crisis

What three words best describe Greece?

1. Sun

2. Sea

3. History

What is the top priority for the people of Greece?

Family and friends and to enjoy life 24/7.

How do people typically make a living? (maybe examples of before and after the economic crisis we discussed)

For the past 4 years, any way they can. Sometimes they have to migrate abroad to do so. Our “heavy” industry is tourism and this was the basis for many jobs before and during the economic crisis.

What is your favorite place to visit in Greece?

You know, with all the history involved, the islands, and hundrends of kilometers of coast line, this is a hard thing to ask. So I have to stay local and say Athens. Chocolat Cafe at Thissio with a great view of the Acropolis never gets old.

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