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I have to say, I like Nepali food.  Simple, flavorful, and typically vegetarian.  Our host mother and father prepared breakfast and dinner for us daily and we were happy to discover that our host father used to be a cook by profession.  What better way to taste authentic Nepali cuisine? 
 Breakfast typically consisted of curried vegetables, Dal Bhat (lentil soup and rice), and (if we were lucky), pancakes.  Lunch would be either vegetable chow mien or fried bread and curried vegetables at the school.  And dinner was more rice, more curried vegetables, more of the same.…sensing a theme?
Dal Bhat
When we were lucky, we had momos….we could not get enough!  It got to the point that Mike would count how many momos he could eat in one sitting. (I think he proudly downed over 20 one night).  Momos, a native Nepali dumpling similar to a Chinese dumpling, are not a complicated dish.  But, something about the little bite size, doughy shelled, morsels had us hooked.  Momos can be filled with various meats or vegetables and come with assorted sauces.  We enjoyed momos several times at our Nepali house and made it a point to try them when we ate out….a great opportunity to indulge in street food.  While our obsession with momos may have been due to the fact that they were just a welcome change from the daily rice and curried veggies, I think I may actually crave them when I return home to Chicago.  



  1. Kat, it sounds like Mike found a temporary replacement for my mom’s meatballs in Nepal haha.

  2. Thanks for the comments Gram! So great to know ou are following the blog.

  3. Momos look like something I’d enjoy. I will look up recipe and hopefully make some for you when you return. God Bless. Love, Gram

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